Campus crime update: motorcycle theft, car versus stop sign and a disgruntled student

(Not So) Easy Rider

University police responded to a report of a stolen motorcycle on 19th Avenue April 3 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. While no leads have been identified, one can only presume that the thief was bored between classes and craved a thrill that back-door boarding on the Muni could no longer satisfy. Hopefully, one glance at the exorbitant gas prices will move them to return the motorcycle to its rightful owner.

One Hit Wonder

A resident of Serrano Drive contacted UPD the afternoon of April 4 after witnessing a driver hit a street sign, which was sent flying into her residence. Supposedly, the driver had been innocently looking for a parking spot when they thought they spotted the subject of the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” meme, and sped up to snap a photo of the internet celebrity. Unfortunately, the realization came too late, and resulted in nothing more than a fallen stop sign on a resident’s doorstep.

Trolling for Admission

University police responded to the Ethnic Studies and Psychology building April 6 to claims of harassing emails sent from a student who had been denied admission to an academic program. Apparently, the sender was in training to become the terror of the internet and was practicing the social media trend of trolling. Knowing that there’s nothing better than confusing a teacher right back, the troll unleashed his fury. U MAD?

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Campus crime update: motorcycle theft, car versus stop sign and a disgruntled student