CFA meets at SF State Monday to vote on possible strike

The California Faculty Association gathered at SF State today as faculty members began voting on whether to strike, after contract negotiations with CSU administration broke down Friday.

CFA representatives have accused the CSU Board of Trustees, and Chancellor Charles B. Reed in particular, of asking for numerous takeaways while offering nothing in return.

“We’re trying to bring attention to the situation on CSU campuses throughout the state, specifically the chancellor’s ridiculous proposal to lift the cap on class sizes,” said Latino Studies professor Alejandro Murguia.

Besides getting rid of limits to class size, the proposal from the CSU would also move some high-demand classes into Extended Education, which cost students more and pays faculty less, and does not include any raises, according to assistant professor of Asian American Studies and SF State CFA Chapter President Wei Ming Dariotis.

“All we want is to actually negotiate for a one percent salary increase, which doesn’t even cover a cost-of-living adjustment,” she said. “They have the money, they are in the process of giving 10 percent raises to administrators.”

A strike comes as a last resort after months of negotiations have proven unsuccessful, according to Dariotis.

“Teachers don’t want to strike, but they know that we need to do something to prevent the erosion of academic performance,” Dariotis said. “The students get it, they can see how overcrowded our classes have gotten. They know how overworked and underpaid we are.”

Cassandra Florez, a drama major and member of Students for Quality Education, gathered student signatures to send to the CSU Board of Trustees in support of SF State faculty.

“I think it’s ridiculous that the chancellor is driving around in a Lamborghini or something while students have to fight just to get into the classes they need.”

Voting runs from April 16 to 27.