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Mr. Fix It: Finding less crowded study areas at SF State

Han Hua and Frankie Santos study on the floor of the J. Paul Leonard Library. Many students flock to this already crowded space to study during finals week. Photo by Cindy Waters.

While I was enjoying my last day of the semester, vaguely listening to the professor give his final lecture while giving my full attention to Facebook, I realized my work as Mr. Fix It wasn’t quite over yet.

A loyal follower posted a picture of students having to study on the floors of the new library because of the lack of tables and chairs.

Students should not have to resort to occupying the floors when cramming for exams or typing out another thousand-word essay.

Creative writing major Von Torres, the Facebooker who informed me of the student’s distress, said he was in shock when he saw everybody studying on the cold floors of the library.

“This is finals week, so you would think they would do something to accommodate all of the students that need to study for their exams,” Torres said. “They have study areas, but they’re not open all the time. It’s just weird when you see all these people on the floor surrounding the electrical outlets.”

University librarian Deborah Masters said the University is looking for different ways to accommodate all the students who come into the library during evening hours.

“We are drowning in our own success,” Masters said. “We’re happy that students are using the library, but we didn’t anticipate it to be this busy.”

Masters said when the Annex was open, it supported up to 642 people. The new library as a whole has more than 3,000 seats. The first floor and ground floor have a capacity of approximately 770 seats, and have extended hours. Last Tuesday the library had more than 743 students crammed into the bottom floors because there just aren’t enough funds to hire security on each floor.

She also said the University would be trying different things for students during finals week. Event Room 121 on the first floor can hold up to 60 students and will be open for use with individual and group study tables.

They are also considering bringing out leftover furniture from the old library that’s been sitting in storage and placing them, along with more tables and chairs, in the empty space next to the café, according to Masters. Another solution they’re looking into is finding ways to have extended hours for the main room in the lobby where students can also check out books.

“We are going to do whatever we can to help out all the students,” Masters said. “We are going to see what works and what doesn’t so in the future we won’t have this problem.”

Students should also consider going to the Cesar Chavez Student Center during finals week since the center will be open 24/7 through May 18 for the final push of the semester.

As I closed up my toolbox for the last time, a triumphant smile adorned my face knowing I can trade in the Mr. Fix It coveralls and steel toe boots for the SF State purple cap and gown.

Now when you see a clock displaying the correct time, it’s safe to assume Mr. Fix It had a hand in it. When you’re able to log onto the Wi-Fi with no delay, Mr. Fix It assured you a connection. When you notice the restrooms are little less horrible, it was because Mr. Fix It was there to clean up the mess. When you’re able to study on a table during finals week, it was Mr. Fix It who pulled you off the ground.

SF State will always have a need for something to be fixed and when that time comes, I trust there will be someone ready to fix it.

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    WaitMay 15, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    I think I’m confused. What was fixed here?

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