Campus crime update: a collapsed lung, harassing text messages and a case of alcohol poisoning

Collapsed Lung Diagnosis

Sometime in the wee hours between Sept. 5-6, a male SF State student was reported with a collapsed lung at the Student Health Services. Officers responded to the scene with the San Francisco Fire Department. The subject was eventually transferred to the UCSF Parnassus for further medical evaluation. There are numerous reasons for a collapsed lung, which can be caused by trauma to the chest or something as simple as being a smoker. Immediately seek medical attention if you feel sharp pains in the chest region or have a severe shortness of breath.

Electronic Harassment

Sept. 7 a subject reported receiving harassing text messages while at the The Village at Centennial Square. Officers responded to the call and took a report of the incident. Call the police if you receive harassing or threatening phone calls or text messages. Some cell phone services have a corporate security service that are willing to help in filing a report.

Alcohol Abuse

Officers came across an intoxicated subject Sept. 8 on Crespi Drive. When the officers engaged the subject, they advised medical assistance. The San Francisco Fire Department responded and transported the subject to Seton Medical Center. Every week, there are a handful of alcohol poisoning reports. Know your limits and keep the indulgence off the belligerent scale. Remember that drinking under the age of 21 is illegal and such behavior can get you cited or arrested.