Go ahead, explore your inner warlock

Charlie Sheen is not winning.

At the moment, he is out of a job, has lost custody of his young sons and is riding his newfound Twitter fame all the way to becoming an “E! True Hollywood Story” cautionary tale.

The real winners are the 1.5 million (and more every minute) Twitter followers across the globe that have embraced this train wreck in the making and taken to watching his every move, worried they might miss the big explosion.

While the usual rhetoric for any big, silly story has already popped up, arguing that there are more important things that we should be worrying about, perhaps the diversion that is Charlie Sheen and his “Adonis DNA,” isn’t all that bad.

With daily updates from North Africa detailing appalling human rights abuses and nearly insurmountable odds of true political change, Charlie Sheen and his antics with so-called “goddesses” at his L.A. area home, er, “Sober Valley Lodge,” are some much needed comic relief for news-weary Americans.

Blaming the media for the oversaturation of Charlie Sheen would be easy, but be honest with yourself: Aren’t you intrigued?

It’s OK. Everyone is. And that might be the best reason to rationalize the Charlie Sheen collective obsession.

Talking about the warlocks, trolls, octagon challenges, porn stars, drugs and rambling interviews that have become the Charlie Sheen Show is the kind of water cooler story that brings co-workers, classmates and neighbors together in a collective sigh of, “Well, things might be frustrating, but at least I’m not THAT guy.”

Mention Charlie Sheen in a room and the mood lightens up. Everyone has their favorite moment in the drama and wants to share it. It’s an icebreaker and a bonding experience all in one – the kind that only pop culture can provide.

So lighten up, stop berating yourself or hiding your daily ‘what did he say this time?’ Twitter checks. A little escapism can be healthy sometimes, and Charlie is certainly putting himself out there for you to dissect.

Sharpen your fangs, drink the tiger blood and join the conversation. It’s just a little fun.

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Go ahead, explore your inner warlock