VIDEO: Student DJ knows music

In light of listening to new music, this week I spent some time at KSFS, the campus online radio station, to check out “Oven Fresh Radio” with Dallas Osborn. The show features music from up and coming artists and other music that listeners may have never heard.


This is the third semester that Osborn has had his own show and his first semester acting as music director for the station. Osborn has creative control over what music is played during his show and in programming the stations loop music; what plays when a DJ is not on the air and in between shows.

“I keep it pretty diverse,” said Osborn. “Stuff a lot of people will like.”

Diverse is definitely an apt title for the music I heard while in the studio. I walked in to an Incubus cover of Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player,” definitely something worth checking out. Osborn also played a snippet of “U Smile” by Justin Bieber; this version slowed down 800 percent. Both of these tracks are the stuff the usual music lover may have never heard.

When he is not exposing listeners to new music, Osborn works at San Francisco’s Live 105 radio station, operating soundboards and doing promotions.

“I gave away a Mustang last week,” he said.

Osborn is expecting to graduate next semester, recently winning a radio scholarship from the John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation.

“It pays to read the emails from your teachers,” he said.

Upon graduation, Osborn said he would love to land a full-time on-air job with Live 105; but in the meantime, promoting new bands to new people is just fine.

“Bands are my babies,” Osborn said. ” I want to see them grow up and get signed.”