Campus crime update: an active warrant, a feud and graffiti

Probation Violation

Officers spotted a male subject sleeping in the Science Building Oct. 5. and determined that the subject had an active $1,000 warrant out from San Mateo County for probation violation. This is the second week with similar circumstances. It would appear that a college campus is not somewhere to hang out with an active warrant.

A Lobby Shop Dispute 

A man was called a derogatory term and had his face spat on at the Lobby Shop Oct. 6. When officers responded, they were unable to locate the suspect. He was described as being in his late 30s or 40s with short black hair, wearing a red baseball cap, in a tan colored button-down shirt and had a jacket tied around his waist. Crimes like these should never be taken lightly. If you see a crime in progress, contact campus police immediately and stick around to be a witness.

Graffiti Damage

Officers took a report of graffiti Oct. 5 at the Humanities Building. The total damage was reported to be greater than $400. Don’t campuses already have enough problems with doodles and and scribbles all over the place? Leave the spray paint at home and the sharpies in your bag.