Campus crime update: a cheaper transport, a crazed ex-boyfriend and a false ID

Medical Assistance

Nov. 3 at Cox Stadium, officers responded to a report of a juvenile subject with a laceration on her head. Medics responded and treated the subject, who refused medical transportation and was transported to UCSF Medical center by her father. If not in a dire medical situation, having a friend or family member transport you to the hospital will potentially save thousands of dollars. But keep in mind that getting someone to take you in could put you behind people who come into the emergency room in an ambulance.

Restraining Order

A student reported that her ex-boyfriend, whom she has a restraining order against, was in the hallway of the HSS Building Nov. 1. SF State is an open campus that anyone can enter so it’s easy to find people who shouldn’t be here roaming around freely. If you spot a suspicious person or witness any suspicious behavior, contact the campus police at (415) 338-7200 and steer clear of the situation. Do your part to keep our campus safe.

False ID, Battery and Obstruction

Officers responded to reports of an intoxicated subject near Taza Smoothies and Wraps Oct. 31. The subject was eventually placed in custody. While in custody, she resisted arrest, kicked an officer and attempted to use a false ID. She was given felony charges for battery and assaulting an officer. In situations like these, just bite your tongue and go to the drunk tank. You’ll get a misdemeanor at worst and get to go home safely the next morning.