State Features 3/16/2011

A collection of photos that give a slice of campus life.

Kelly Carson and Jeff Wilks perform their rehearsed scene for Acting 2 on March 16, 2011. Karen M. Kinney / staff photographer

Students partake in a Tai Chi class under Hensill Hall on March 16, 2011. Jon Weiand / staff photographer
Athletic trainer Maritza Castro uses an ultra sound to help heal Marisa Ibarra's ligaments in the gym on March 16, 2011. Gregory Moreno / staff photographer
Three students test out the new IPad2 at SF State bookstore on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011. Sam E. Heller / staff photographer
Junior communication major, Audrey Cortopassi studies at the Creative Arts building at SF State on March 16, 2011. Edward Chow / staff photographer
Art major Ella Wong works on a bowl for Ceramics 2 in the Fine Arts building on March 16, 2011. Eric Soracco / staff photographer