New version of iLearn to better streamline interface

iLearn is preparing to get revamped with new features just in time for the upcoming spring semester.

Academic Technology, a resource that offers services for SF State’s learning systems such as CourseStream and LabSpace, recently unveiled a plan for an updated version of iLearn which will offer users easier and quicker ways to access iLearn through new enhancements and features.

Some features that the new iLearn will include a navigation block where you navigate through courses and quiz where students can flag questions. Students and instructors will also be able to drag and drop files when adding a resource to the iLearn page or turning in assignment.

“Today’s web-based technology environments are constantly changing so we see that our community is fairly resilient and positive when it comes to upgrades such as this,” Maggie Beers, director of Academic Technology, said. “Academic Technology has already started reaching out to faculty to provide overviews of the changes, online help resources, training and support.”

A new module on iLearn will be a book module where resources where multiple pages will appear in a book-like format. The updated and redesigned features to iLearn will make it easier and quicker for students and instructors to use during class.

“Every fall we roll out a new version of iLearn with all the changes and fixes that we have been developing for the past year,” Beers said.

iLearn is SF State’s online learning resource where students and professors can communicate, turn in assignments and access homework or readings. Students with profiles on iLearn have the option to upload a photo and can communicate with their fellow classmates in online forum spaces created by the professor.

“iLearn provides an environment for both faculty and students to extend and augment what can be done in a physical class,” Beers said. “This is especially important for large classes, as it gives an opportunity to everyone in the class to share their opinions where they may not have been able to due to the amount of students in a lecture hall.”

According to Beers, 92 percent of SF State students and 76 percent of SF State instructors use iLearn for one of more of their courses. Students have praised the convenience of iLearn as a class resource.

“iLearn is helpful,” said Dean Levita, a visual communication and design major. “You can turn everything online and every time I need to check something for the class it’s available on iLearn.”

“For me, the main benefit (of iLearn) is that it allows me to have quizzes, assignments and distribute information to students in a way that doesn’t take up much class time,” Christopher Moffatt, associate biology professor, said.

Course shells for Spring 2013 will be available starting Nov. 13. For additional information or any questions about the new iLearn, students and instructors can contact [email protected].