Leave 'Boy Meets World' alone

Leave 'Boy Meets World' alone

It’s Boy Meets World, yeah it’s Boy Meets Worlds. I bet you read that to the tune of the iconic intro theme song of the ‘90s sitcom that defined a generation, didn’t you? I know I did.

The coming-of-age-story of Corey and Eric Matthews, Shawn Hunter and Topanga Lawrence played out on our TV screen for seven years. In 2000, the show ended with a final scene showing the gang coming back to Mr. Feeny’s sixth grade class and taking turns explaining how important he has been in their lives. After they leave, Mr. Feeny breaks his often touted student-teacher relationship role and says, “I love you all. Class dismissed.”

It was a touching ending that showed the progression of the characters we watched endure the trials and tribulations we all encountered during the first quarter of our lives.

And with that, the story ended — or at least so we thought. It’s been announced “Boy Meets World” creator Michael Jacobs is working on a new spinoff called “Girl Meets World.” The story centers around Corey and Topanga (still married) raising their two kids. There is Riley, their 13-year-old daughter who is often bossed around by her 14-year-old brother, Elliot, and her best friend Maya. Corey has taken on the role of his mentor, Mr. Feeny, and is now a seventh grade science teacher who mentors Maya.

I’m excited to see Corey and Topanga’s return to the TV screen. But I know it’s just that nostalgic feeling that fades once the reality of a “Boy Meets World” spinoff show comes on the air. Remember when Conan got pulled off the air? That’s when I loved him most. At least, that’s when I thought the most highly of him. Then he comes back on TBS, trying not to cry about what Jay Leno did to him every night and not being nearly as funny. OK, OK, maybe he is just as funny. I wouldn’t know — I don’t watch the show.

Do you get my point? There is always buzz when these things come back to life, but in reality no one cares once they are here. Do you remember that one episode of “Rugrats All Grown Up”? No! Of course you don’t, because no one cared when the Rugrats grew up! No one!

That’s not to say I didn’t like “Boy Meets World” — I loved it. The sitcom’s goofiness was often interlaced with life lessons (usually delivered by the teacher the group just never quite managed to get away from, Mr. Feeny). But what really made the show so great is that we could all find a character to relate to. I had a friend who was always getting into trouble like Shawn Hunter. I had a long-term girlfriend like Topanga. I even had a teacher I really looked up to and always went to for advice.

But you know what? I’m no longer friends with Shawn, Topanga and I don’t speak anymore, and — while I always mean to go and visit Mr. Feeny — I haven’t got around to it lately. Do you know why? It’s because just like a Rugrat; I’m all grown up.

Sure, we can be nostalgic and try to rehash things from the past, but they are never as good as we remembered them to be. That’s why TV shows are just like life — sometimes it’s better to just get a new cast of characters and create a new storyline for yourself.

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Leave 'Boy Meets World' alone