Campus crime update: A drug bust, bottle smashing and a false alarm

Where da weed at?

A verbal altercation broke out at The Village at Centennial Square Dec. 6. Officers responded and approached the squabblers to abate the altercation. Upon further investigation, it was determined one of the subjects was in possession of marijuana. The subject was cited and released. With the market for “purp” at it’s most volatile around finals, the two were likely engaged in some intense price negotiations. Next time use your inside voices if you’re trying to do business in the shade.

Why smash pumpkins when you can smash bottles

A group of people were found smashing glass bottles and throwing trash near Mary Park Hall Dec. 8. Officers responded to the incident and took an informational report. While we would never endorse such a callous act as littering, sometimes you need take out some end-of-semester angst and what better way to do it then to throw some stuff around? It’s better then lighting essays on fire.

Fire fake out

Dispatch was notified of a fire alarm activation in the J. Paul Leonard Library Dec. 6. They say that where there’s smoke, there’s fire — but since there was neither, the alarm was simply reset. It seems SF State’s false alarm system has been quite the success this year. Or maybe the heat was coming from all those overused laptops checking Facebook instead of reviewing microbiology notes.