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Sex without a username

“Cute guy with a white shirt and grey zip-up on. You’re sitting with two girls at a table against the well. You have a cute smile! (: We keep making eye contact, would love to talk to you sometime.”

This is a prime example of what an SF State student wrote on the online website “LikeALittle” to meet a guy.

Recently, student hook-up and dating sites like CampusHook, StudentLove and UChicago Hookups have emerged throughout college campuses across the country, making college singles and some “takens” available for casual sex with just a username and password.

Has it really come to this?

Does no one have the guts to even talk to a stranger in this new, overly saturated viral world?

It is absurd that college students now need a hookup-based website to just “cop-a-feel” at the minimum. I thought the college life of numerous parties, events and other countless interactions would be enough to achieve sexual encounters without logging in to some website.

This exposes one of the major cons with the Internet and technology that will likely turn us all into social robots – if it has not already.

College students cannot seem to interact or socialize without texting, emailing and instant messaging anymore. The simple act of having a flirtatious conversation and meeting face to face must be as old as Reaganomics.

The bottom line is that a lot of college men are often too scared to talk to attractive women. A lot of college girls do not know what to do when a guy they do not know tries to spark up a conversation.

It is probably because the pick-up lines are not being texted to them.

These hook-up websites have no real significance, and they make the art of a simple “one night stand” tainted in all its glory because it is making lazy students even lazier.

On top of being lazy, these sites make people look desperate.

One desperate girl plus one desperate guy equals two minutes of desperate sex.

No one wants that, right?

Besides, there are several dating websites that would serve the purpose of casual encounters with other students if they felt so pathetically inclined. There is no need for any of the sites to be focused on a specific educational institution.

Students who are a part of these websites need to deactivate their accounts and put themselves out there in the real world. There are plenty of fish in the sea for both men and women.

People were having sex long before the first computer was introduced. It has been hardwired into our brains – as well as our crotches.

Sex doesn’t need the Internet and neither do you.

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Sex without a username