Online dating gives college students new hormonal outlet

College students have to fight for their right to get their freak on.

Talks of deficits, budget cuts, and delayed graduation times seem to have replaced water cooler chatter of who did who in the third floor bathrooms of Mary Park Hall—and that’s unacceptable.

The modern academic is expected to juggle classes, jobs, and financial woes, leaving little time to let loose and have fun.

If online dating is how a student wants to find a good time, why shouldn’t they be able to?

Sites like CampusHook, Likealittle, College Passions, and eduHookups all cater to the college undergraduate looking to fornicate.

University of Chicago-based eduHookups is a college dating site that has expanded to 24 campuses across the country.

The site claims to see anywhere between five and ten thousand unique visitors a day, and hosts over 2,200 profiles.

College students are looking for new ways to meet each other, and doing so online seems to be the logical way to do it.

In the day and age of posting every aspect of our private lives on Twitter and Facebook, a college dating site seems like a far cry from getting too personal.

The stigma that dating via the internet is tired and overused; students shop online, pay bills online, and even go to class online. Why shouldn’t they be able to date online too?

The exclusivity offered by sites like eduHookups that require registering users to have campus email addresses rivals the open-ended and oftentimes frightening Craigslist personal section.

Users may not know exactly who they’re chatting with, but they can at least be sure of the fact that the person on the other end of the computer screen is one of their peers.

For those missed opportunities on chatting up the hot chick in your biology lecture class, sites like Likealittle, where students can post personal ads seeking a fleeting stranger, offer the second chance that might not have existed, all within the confines of the university community.

Meeting people on campus isn’t always as easy as it seems, and the hectic schedule of students often interfere with their ability to maintain any kind of social life.

College dating websites can expedite this sometimes tiresome and time consuming process; an uncomfortable rejection can be transformed into something as simple as skipping over a profile.

So long as college students are hooking up, they should be able to do so in a manner that they see fit, whether it is in person or through the web.

After all, how else can anyone justify the exorbitant prices of dormitory living?