Leak found in Creative Arts Building

A small leak from a water pipe was discovered in the Creative Arts Building earlier today forcing SF State to shut off the water and close the restrooms inside the building momentarily, officials said.

The leak, which occurred in an administrative lounge in Creative Arts building room 251, was discovered around noon by Administrative Assistant Michelle Rashleger.

“We heard a hissing and when we came in we saw water on the floor,” Rashleger said.

Rashleger quickly notified the Facilities and Services Department who shut off the water in the building and cleaned up the spill.

Charles Meyer, the senior director of Facilities and Services said the leak was caused by residue from welding material when the pipe was installed several years ago.

Meyer said the water did seep into the floor below, but no damage was reported.

“The main thing was an inconvenience to our students because there was no water,” said Melinda Zarrett, an assistant to the Associate Dean of Creative Arts Todd Roehrman whose office was close to where the leak occurred.

“It was nothing compared to what happened last year. This was no big deal,” said Zarrett referring to a pipe that burst in February that caused about $800,000 worth of damage in the Creative Arts Building.