Utilities extension program brings construction to campus

hildren watch contruction workers repair water pipe lines in front of the Humanities building on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Erik Verduzco | staff photographer

For many, it’s been difficult to avoid the nearly 10-foot hole in front of the Café Rosso near the humanities building.

Though the site may seem intimidating and troublesome, but it is nothing to fear.

The exposed pipes within the hole are hot water lines, nothing deadly or dangerous.

The project itself is part of a utilities extension program taking place throughout campus, including the humanities building and Font Blvd.

“The hole is going to be covered and moved,” said Ryszard Pochron, construction coordinator. “That is, the pipes themselves are going to be moved and extend out toward Font.”

Although nothing needs to be shut down for work to continue, the Capital Planning, Design and Construction team advise students use different pathways to avoid the construction near Burk hall, as well as the fine arts, humanities and Student Services buildings.

Students don’t appear to find this problematic.

“I know they’re doing something and (the hole) isn’t going to be there forever, so I’ll deal,” said Noel Newton, English education major.

Some of the other projects in the works include installing utility lines for electricity and water for fire protection as well as relocating a sanitary sewer and storm drain line, according to the project’s Web page.

The project currently has no set time frame or estimated date of completion.

“We’re in the beginning stages of this project,” Pochron said. “We have not been given (the dates of completion) for this yet.”