Woman drives onto 19th Avenue Muni tracks, causes M line delay

A tow truck removes a sedan from the Muni train tracks on 19th avenue after a 49-year-old woman accidentally drove her car onto the tracks when crossing Junipero Serra Boulevard onto 19th Avenue headed northbound. The woman, who said she is well acquainted with the area, panicked when her car ended up on the light rail tracks. Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013. Photo by Benjamin Kamps / Xpress

SF State faculty and students’ commute was delayed earlier tonight due to a stuck car on the Muni tracks at 19th Avenue and Crespi Drive.

An unidentified 49-year-old woman drove her car onto the light rail tracks along 19th Avenue as she crossed Junipero Serra Boulevard headed northbound. The woman said she panicked and sped up, which caused the car’s left rear wheel to hit the track and break off.

“I wanted to get off of the track as soon as possible and sped up,” she said, unwilling to give her name.

The car came to a stop near Crespi Drive and the woman came away with only a scare and a damaged car.

SFMTA officials tweeted at 7:35 p.m. that the southbound M-Ocean View line was to turn around at SF State, and until the block cleared, a shuttle service was available between SF State and the Balboa Park Station.

A tow truck removed the woman’s sedan from the Muni train tracks afterward.

SFMTA officials announced the delay at 19th Avenue had cleared at 7:53 p.m. and regular service would continue.

The woman said her car was the second car to drive on to the tracks tonight, so police took a while to respond.