The amazing bonus round solve on Wheel of Fortune came from an SF State alum


In less than 10 seconds with only the first two letters on the board — N and E — Emilbert deLeon was able to guess the three-worded “thing” and became $45,000 richer in “Wheel of Fortune” March 19.

In total, this Daly City resident and SF State alum walked away with $63,099 just by guessing “New baby buggy.”

Who would have thought that a degree from SF State could lead to such an impressive win on a game show?

With a few-second delay in revealing deLeon’s answer, the lucky guess seemed to have caught Vanna White and host Pat Sajak off guard. Sajak even jokingly frisked deLeon to see if he was hiding anything. He wasn’t.

It was the, “most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding,” Sajak tweeted last night.