STAFF EDITORIAL: Board of Supervisors lacks courage

Time is money. And it seems City Hall has no problem wasting both.

With Gavin Newsom now Lt. Gov.-elect, the city charter states that the board of supervisors chooses the new interim mayor.

That was five weeks ago…and counting.

The board of supervisors once again has decided to further delay a decision when they met Dec. 14.

However, they unanimously agreed to host the 2013 America’s Cup.

So let’s get this straight: The board thinks that voting on a sporting event is more important than the leadership of our city.

To buy them time, the supervisors have switched tactics to fabricating new ways to put off inevitable and important decision.

With that, the supervisors have decided to take it upon themselves to create an entirely arbitrary process that still discounts any possibility of San Francisco residents’ interactions.

Now, there are rumors flying in the forms of legal memos suggesting the Newsom may try to hold onto his title of mayor a little bit longer.

With some legal precedent, the office isn’t vacated until he is officially inaugurated as Lt. Gov.

So what does this delay mean for the people of San Francisco?

They must wait. And wait.

While the board of supervisors bickers and flails around in search of the courage to elect an interim mayor, San Francisco and its citizens are stuck in governmental limbo.

What the supervisors don’t realize is that while they quibble over a position that will last less than a year, they’re failing to do the job they were elected to do and lead.

The entire public comment is a farce hidden behind a banner of “transparency” and “openness” but, in reality, it is just an attempt by the supervisors to politically maneuver for their own benefit.

The board, individually and as a whole, is too afraid to anger Newsom, the man they have blatantly disliked for years, and too timid about its members’ political futures to do what’s right for the community — make a controversial decision they would have to defend.

How much longer will the public wait for the supervisors’ egos to quiet down and make real decisions?

They say it could be any day now. But in truth, the city could be leaderless for a while.

And for that, the supervisors have failed.

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STAFF EDITORIAL: Board of Supervisors lacks courage