Apple is king, and we have to accept that

A small garage located in Los Altos, Calif. was where Apple, one of the biggest names in technology was created. In 1975, Steve Jobs and a couple of his buddies had no idea it would turn out to be a global phenomenon. Today, Apple is a technological overlord and we should be happy about that.

Apple is branching out to other products like watches and credit cards, making it easier for consumers to have all they need in one place, through one company. People do not need to go to one institution to get a watch, then another to get a computer. Apple is the now and the future.

Every year, Apple has a special event to introduce any new or exciting products that is near production. This year, Apple raised some eyebrows and got the rest of the world excited for its new products on Sept. 9.

Apple streamed the event live, which had glitches throughout the stream, causing people to go to Twitter to complain. It was funny to see that the same audience that anticipated the event began to whine and rant that the stream was not working. Apple is offering something revolutionary, but people start to complain instantly when technology is not fast.

Just as expected, Apple went bigger with their new phones. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, introduced the world to the iPhone 6 and its counterpart iPhone 6 Plus. At fi 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus seemed like a small tablet.  The first question that popped in my head was, “Does that even fit in your pocket?”

Mashable printed a 3D version of the iPhone 6 Plus and handed it around the office to see how they would react to the size. One of the testers said, “If you had like really big, huge, giant, Grizzly Adams hands you would be able to hold this.”

Nearly $200 is a small price you are pay for the most up to date product that Apple has to offer. It is totally worth all of the new gadgets and cool features that it comes with.

The world was not ready for the Apple Watch. Wearable technology is already an up and coming trend. Pebble and Samsung already have smartwatches, but Apple took it a step further. Surprise, surprise.

Even though the Apple Watch has Siri, a heartbeat monitor and interchangeable bands, $350 is too high to pay. However, no other smartwatch in the business has come out with something like this. At first, it might be a little weird talking to your watch, but soon it will be as normal as texting.

ApplePay, a new payment system that connects your credit card information straight to your phone, was also introduced at Apple’s unveiling event. From a consumer point of view, this was worrisome. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, you’re screwed.

Apple really outdid itself this time. Everyday things like a wallet or watch, have now been replaced with Apple products.

As Apple introduced a slew of new products and software, the world got a glimpse of what Apple has done for our society. It has created a one stop company where we can get what we need.

Apple is not going anywhere. We need to embrace it.