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Women should explore their options for safe sex

Have you thought about how great sex is lately? Honestly, take a minute. Sex is normal and something you think about every day.

But there’s a huge difference between thinking about sex and actually doing it. A better thought would be, “How often do college students think about having safe sex?”

Women in the 21st century should acknowledge their sexual freedom and express their sexuality without feeling ashamed. Most importantly, women should start exploring their options for safe sex.

With female birth control being relatively new, with the invention of the pill in the 1960’s, I wonder how many women know that there are dozens of options, some of which last for years and don’t have to be taken daily.

Every person is different. Some have the time to take a tiny pill or two each morning and others are all over the place. The pill is not the best option for someone like me: a 21-year-old female, unorganized, working two jobs, a full-time student and losing my car keys almost every time I step foot in my house. Frankly, I don’t trust myself to remember something so small each day.

What are women to do if they’re like me, can’t handle hormones or want something new?

This semester, I took it upon myself to become involved in campus life and something I think is really important: health education. Volunteering for the Peer Educators Advocating Campus Health, I focus on sexual health in our community, and people constantly ask me about female birth control methods.

When I suggest Intrauterine Devices most people look at me like I’ve lost it, but hear me out. An IUD is a tiny t-shaped plastic device that is inserted in through your cervix and rests in your uterus. This is a one time deal for birth control and you have a couple of options to choose from.

There is a copper IUD that uses no hormones and can prevent unplanned pregnancies for up to 12 years. If you decide you want kids before that, no problem. With a simple procedure, the IUD can be removed and your body will be fertile within a week or so. There are also hormonal IUDs that last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. It’s effectiveness is also greater than 99 percent, leaving nothing to worry about when you’re getting hot and heavy.

An IUD is a fantastic option for a women looking to pursue a career, travel the world and not settle down with a family any time soon.

For those looking for a less permanent option, check out the Nuva Ring, the Nexplanon or the Depo Provera Shot which are all free through Family Pact’s program at SF State.

It’s time for ladies to really look at their options and settle for nothing less than the best for their body.

Let’s not forget folks, no glove, no love. Condoms are crucial for preventing sexual transmitted infections and pregnancy for those not on a birth control method. Safe really is sexy.

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    Anney AusterOct 16, 2014 at 12:05 am

    There are lots of techniques available for safe sex. Women have to use safety measures as to prevent yourself from sexually transmitted disease. You can improve your sexual stamina and reduce the risks of STDs by eating healthy food. Read more about it at:

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Women should explore their options for safe sex