(Harlan Frost / Xpress)
(Harlan Frost / Xpress)

SF State should nix calorie-fad and eat natural

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The crinkle of a Nabisco snack draws my attention as I zero in on the woman sitting two desks across from me. My heart breaks as I hear her boast to her friend: “Look girl, I’m being healthy! It’s only 100 calories!”

What she thinks of as a health-conscious snack is what I know to be poison. Not only is she filling up on the with the dreaded p-word — processed foods — but she is negating herself of wholesome and basic nutrition. People should focus on the quality of their food instead of worrying about the number of calories they consume. Reward your your body with simple nutrient-dense foods that will help keep the fat off forever. You’ll see that eating natural foods can also improve mood, energy level and overall physical appearance.

I learned this six months ago after deciding to make a lifestyle change. I had skin rashes due to sensitivities to gluten and processed foods. I constantly felt lethargic and I was holding excess weight. On top of that, I was sick of feeling self-conscious and struggled to shop for simple things like jeans. I decided that I had had enough of treating my body like a trashcan, eating In-N-Out burgers and ice cream. I took the initiative to completely transform my body with the best nutrition and exercise and learned that it’s not how much you put in your body, but what you put in your body that counts.

People who really care about their health should be snacking on raw nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean meats for a healthy and more sustainable snack. Eating foods like these will keep the body fuller, more satisfied and and often cost less money as opposed to buying pre-made foods.

I have been training my body like a lean, clean, eating machine because I’m working to become my best self. I eat every two hours and never sweat over going over my calorie count. I might look like a weirdo popping open the cooler in my car to eat my pre-made meals every two hours, but at least I know how to pronounce the ingredients in my food and know that I am getting the optimal nutrition that will sustain a better life.

Sure, if students fill their bodies with only 100-calorie snacks, a salad and a sandwich throughout their whole day, they might lose weight. In the end, though, they will not get the optimal results that they would following a clean and natural diet.

I write this piece not to judge others for what they choose to put in their bodies, but to share some insight for what worked for me and can work for others. There are many people without the tools to change and transform. Hopefully with this information, they can start becoming their best self.

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SF State should nix calorie-fad and eat natural