Gators offense chomps lady hawks


Danielle Vidal (3), midfielder for SF State Gators, heads the ball to score the first goal during the first half against Holy Names University Hawks at Cox Stadium at SF State Tuesday, Sep. 22. SF State Gators won 5-1. (Xpress / Qing Huang)

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The SF State women’s soccer team cruised their way to a 5-1 home victory against Holy Names University, Tuesday.

The Gators controlled the early part of the game peppering the Hawks goalie with shot after shot before finally breaking through early in the 14th minute on a cross from Vanessa Penuna that was headed in by Danielle Vidal for her first goal of the year.

It was a near perfect half aside from a Hawks equalizer that was booted in after a mishap on a risky pass back to the keeper.

“It was just a miscommunication between me and my mid back,” said goalie Karin Nordin. “She headed me the ball when I said keep to it.”

The Gators dominated the second half as well, outshooting the Hawks 12-5.

“We definitely responded well to our halftime discussion on how to beat the system they were in,” said head coach Tracy Hamm. “The girls made the right adjustments, and they started finishing their opportunities.”

Luckily the mistake didn’t hurt the Gators, as they were able to score the most goals they have in a game all season.

“We’ve been creating a tremendous amount of chances, our problem has been our composure in front of net and not actually getting the goals,” said assistant coach Val Henderson. “I was really proud to be able to get 5 goals against any collegiate team.”

One spectacular goal came in the 53rd minute, when Vanessa Penuna, who had her fingerprints all over the match, was able to hit a ball over the unexpecting goalkeepers head from nearly 30 yards out.

“That’s her first goal of the season and we are hoping that that broke the seal,” Henderson said. “She’s really dangerous and an excellent player.”


The Gators will look to extend their winning streak to 7 games this Sunday when they travel for a road matchup against Cal State Monterey Bay.