The Warriors face backlash in their move to San Francisco

The roaring fans shouting “MVP!” and “Let’s go Warriors!” is what gave the “Roaracle” its name. Ever since I can remember, I’ve cheered on the Golden State Warriors from section 108 at the Oracle Arena, but that’s about to change. 

After calling Oakland their home for 43 years, the team announced Oct. 12 that they purchased a 12-acre parcel of land in San Francisco’s Mission Bay District. They plan to open a new arena there at the beginning of the 2018-2019 season, according to Forbes

After years of initially promising yet ultimately disappointing seasons, the Warriors picked up their momentum this year and transformed into a golden team. The Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, dominated the court and brought so much energy to the Oracle that the arena exploded with blue and yellow. The city of Oakland has been at the heart of that success.

My closet is full of Warriors jerseys: Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis and more. When my dad comes home with Warrior tickets, I get so excited to see them play in my hometown. Walking in the south entrance of the arena to get to our seats is so surreal to me. That arena holds years of my family’s memories, from watching the Warriors play to seeing my favorite artists, like Beyoncé, perform there. The Oracle Arena holds a special place in my heart.

Though the Golden State Warriors were the San Francisco Warriors until 1971, San Francisco was not always their official home court. They bounced around, from the Cow Palace to arenas in Oakland and San Jose, and even played home games in San Diego. Once they permanently moved to the Oakland Coliseum in 1972, they became the Golden State Warriors, claiming Oakland as their home court. Oakland has been their home for more than 40 years, and that shouldn’t change just because they want a new arena.

The new arena doesn’t have to be built in San Francisco. They can build a new arena in Jack London Square in Oakland or expand the Oracle Arena. Oakland citizens deserve something for supporting the team through the rough years. We deserve a new arena or an expansion of the existing arena in Oakland; the city in which we, as Warrior fans, have thrived alongside the team.

Furthermore, in the months when basketball season and baseball season overlap, the San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors will most likely have games on the same day, which will increase traffic coming across the Bay Bridge and on BART.

Around the world, Oakland is seen as a dangerous, crime-ridden city, and people don’t see its beauty. The Warriors winning a championship finally started to paint Oakland in a good light. Oakland residents finally have something to be proud of, and they’re taking it away from us. It feels like the team is abandoning the loyal fans that have supported them through rough seasons, like myself, to move on to a bigger and better arena since they’re champions now. The Warriors owe it to the loyal fans to stay in Oakland and let us enjoy living in a championship city.

San Francisco is already known for being the home of the 2012 and 2014 World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants. We should let Oakland have the thrill of being the home of the 2015 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors. Let the Oracle continue to roar.