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Facebook is dead to me

In middle school and high school, I used Facebook to post about my day, share pictures of my recent family vacations and see what romantic relationships had formed, but boy, how times have changed.

Recently, it seems like the social networking site has died down. It’s become a repository for political debates between family and friends and bogus articles from unreliable publications. One very rarely sees people writing statuses or posting pictures, which is what Facebook is meant for.

Whenever something controversial happens, like Donald Trump running for president or #BlackLivesMatter, Facebook goes crazy and people find the need to write essays about how they feel about it.

In the Bay Area, you have a strong mix of liberals and conservatives, so the debates get heated and go on forever and ever and whenever I refresh my page, there is just more content that I don’t care about.

Facebook has evolved tremendously over the years and not for the better. It’s simply became boring and a waste of time. What’s the point of scrolling through a thread of viral videos, meaningless statuses and random photos of people who I haven’t seen in years?

According to The Guardian, people ages 18 to 30 have been migrating from Facebook ever since their parents started creating their own accounts. When my mom got a Facebook, I posted less because she would hassle me about everything on my profile.

Instead of Facebook, the top social media platform among teens is now Instagram, which 33 percent of teens said was the most important social network they use, according to CBS News. Twitter was ranked second at 20 percent, and Facebook trailed in at only 15 percent.

Instagram is better than Facebook because it’s simpler. A picture is worth a thousand words, and on Instagram you don’t really need a caption to explain the photo. It feels like Facebook demands more context, but on Instagram the picture can speak for itself.

A lot of people have personal style on their Instagram profiles. For example, some people only post black and white photos, while some people only post about fashion and others might post about food.

People could do this on Facebook if they wanted to, but they don’t. The social network is so cut and dry and people don’t seem to express themselves artistically on the site anymore. They just just post memes and long posts debating whatever controversial topic that’s popular at the moment.

News outlets tweet breaking news stories seconds or minutes after things happen, so the most recent news stories are right at your fingertips. Twitter’s newsfeed is completely chronological, unlike Facebook, which has a newsfeed that is influenced by the user’s connections and activity. So basically, Facebook decides what they think you want to see. Something that happened five days ago can end up at the top of your newsfeed, but on Twitter only the latest information is at the top of your timeline.

Facebook has also become a platform for advertisements. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally clicked on a link that takes me to some discounted website. I didn’t sign up for Facebook to buy anything or see stupid memes. I just want to see what my friends are doing.

The only reason that I still have my Facebook is to see who’s gotten pregnant since high school and communicate with some professors. Otherwise, Facebook is irrelevant.

Keep your pokes and your Candy Crush invites to yourself. I will be too busy scrolling through Instagram and Twitter.

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  • M

    Manoel VilelaApr 26, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Facebook sucks and deserves to die. I stopped using it since august of 2015, with all my social life.

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Facebook is dead to me