Scientology tarnishes Cruise’s star power


I’ve made a lot of questionable decisions in my lifetime. I am a 21-year-old man who goes to One Direction concerts. I sleep in a bed covered in orange dust from off-brand Cheetos puffs, and, last weekend, I had a conversation about lasagna-like vaginas with a famous drag queen. But all of that is just water under the bridge compared to the poor decisions I made while choosing my best friends.

Last week, two of my best friends in the entire world both asked for the same thing for Christmas. They both wanted a Blu-ray Disc copy of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” the most recent film in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series.

I found this problematic for two reasons. One, my pretentious friends only watch critically acclaimed movies that are going to be nominated for multiple Oscars, so I’m sad they broke their “quality-movies-only” rule for a Mission Impossible flick. And two, I’m mad they’re asking me to financially support a Tom-Cruise-led feature.

Besides acting and jumping on couches, Cruise is best known for being the face of the Church of Scientology. And unfortunately, Scientology and its members are the scum of the earth. And because of his heavy involvement in the church, I refuse to watch or support anything with Tom Cruise in it.

Scientology isn’t a religion; it’s a cult. In order to be involved in the church, you have to give increasing amounts of money, and once you’re in, you’re turned into a prisoner. Members of the church aren’t allowed to leave or they face constant surveillance and harassment, according to the Huffington Post. The church also takes children away from their mothers and abuses its members.

“Going Clear,” a documentary that highlighted the immorality of Scientology and focused on Cruise’s involvement, premiered last March to rave reviews. The movie gave a comprehensive picture of what was wrong with Scientology.

Cruise was never asked questions about the film, even though he did a press tour for “Rouge Nation” a few months later. The headline-making documentary and his involvement with the church were universally ignored during his interviews.

I’m almost sure Tom Cruise has a cyanide pill hidden in his cheek during every interview just in case he is asked about Scientology. Instead of answering, he can just die so he doesn’t actually admit the truth.

It’ll probably never come to that though. I’m positive there’s someone on Cruise’s team that monitors every question and prohibits any talk about his religion, so I can’t really blame the interviewers. I can blame Cruise though. It’s cool if he wants to be involved in a violent cult – that’s his business. You do you. Be human garbage all you want. Just don’t ignore your involvement.

If Cruise wants to be a respected figure, he needs to come out with his position on the church, why he is involved in it and why he chooses to ignore the church’s abusive nature.

It’s not like Cruise is just one minor member of the church. He is the celebrity poster child for the church. Former Scientologist and “King of Queens” star Leah Remini said Cruise was a “pillar to the church” and she had to donate $1 million to the church just to meet Cruise. She also said the church members mistreated Cruise’s daughter Suri and that she was written up for misbehaving at his wedding and was forced to apologize to his then-wife, Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise isn’t alone though. Immoral celebrities are everywhere; from Sean Penn to Chris Brown to Mark Wahlberg. I’m not saying Cruise is on the same level of trash as those men, but he’s still trash that needs to be avoided. Cruise is synonymous with Scientology, so if Cruise wants to keep being a public figure, he has to address the church’s poor behavior. He has no excuse to ignore its violent tendencies. So until he explains himself and leaves the church, my friends aren’t getting what they want for Christmas.