3-D Printing adds new dimension to student projects


Students bring 3D designs to life in the J. Paul Leonard Library’s second floor maker space Thursday Dec. 18, 2015 (Brian Churchwell / Xpress)

SF State recently acquired 3D printers as part of their MakerSpace lab in the library. MakerSpace is an environment aimed toward facilitating design projects for students by providing space for teamwork and necessary equipment.

Library Information and Technology Systems consultant Chris Novak helped set up the 3D printer.

What was before only available to certain departments is now available to all students. Students interested in using the software and equipment at MakerSpace do not need to have any prior training.

All they have to do is enter the MakerSpace with an idea where the librarian specialists will guide a student through the process from start to finish, from learning the software to using the printer. Access to the MakerSpace 3D printing helps to save time during a project.

Ideally the 3D printer is used for prototyping, as it is a relatively cheap process to go through at SF State, as the alternative of sending out the design for the item can be very expensive.

Access to the MakerSpace is free, but students must pay for the materials needed for 3-D printing, which at the moment is about $7 per cubic inch.