Despite controversy, Planned Parenthood remains an important resource

When it comes to your sex life, having the right to know what to do in order to be safe under the sheets is important, and Planned Parenthood is a good place to start.

When I was in high school, Planned Parenthood was one of the only places we knew we could go to for information and assistance with sexual health.

Nobody I knew, including myself, wanted to be unsafe, and the thought of Planned Parenthoods closing scares me for the future generations that will want to know the facts like my generation did.

High school students, however, are not the only ones who use Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood serves 2.7 million men and women yearly for not just sexual healthcare, but general healthcare, according to the organization’s website.

Although not all 2.7 million who go there are young adults, they are all people who need access to affordable or free services, and defunding these services would not just cause problems for young adults, but for the country as a whole.

If Texas looked at this situation differently, and maybe had a younger generation go to Planned Parenthood and learn, perhaps they wouldn’t be so blind to the fact that sexual education is key to preventing unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

In Texas, the birth rate went up due to the defunding of Planned Parenthood, researchers from the University of Texas at Austin found.

Texas should not be allowed to make the decision of what a female or male does to their body when they are trying to learn and protect themselves.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t just offer sexual education and screening, they also offer general health care as well, which is why 20 percent of women will visit this clinic in their lifetime, according to their website.

When a young adult like myself goes year after year to be tested, we are learning about ourselves – the power of Planned Parenthood is to keep people knowing what is going on inside their body.

The current outrage against Planned Parenthood in the wake of several heavily edited videos, the creators of which are currently being indicted in Texas, seems unfathomable. Underaged men and women need to learn how to protect their bodies, and why would anyone want to take that right away from them.

Planned Parenthood’s goal is to not just serve women who need abortions – in fact, only 3 percent of the services they provide includes abortion, according to their website – it’s much more important than that. This is about overall health, and if the government wants to take that away they are crazy.

The power that Planned Parenthood holds for the younger generation allows teens and adults like myself to learn the right way to take care of our bodies.