Lunar year celebration brings Chinese cultural awareness to SF State


From left: Students Yumeng Jiang, Joshua Nghiem, and Kyle Chen dance on the stage during annual Chinese New Year Celebration held at Jack Adams Hall at Cesar Chavez Student Center in SF State Friday, Feb.19. (Qing Huang/Xpress)


Red paper lanterns were hung around the walls, “true-lover’s knots” were stuck on the edge of the stage to bless the coming guests with its symbolization of joyfulness. A cherry blossom tree was placed by the window, all to light up the night at Jack Adams Hall to welcome the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

The 2016 Chinese New Year celebration included student performances, drawing prizes, and traditional Chinese food. Chinese Program, Chinese Flagship Program and Confucius Institute have invited over 200 people to come celebrate the Year of the Monkey in Jack Adams Hall.

Chinese New Year is about gathering and spending time with friends and families. Mia Segura, program coordinator of Chinese Flagship Program, said, “We want to include the SF State family into our celebration. It’s not officially your family, but it’s a different kind of family.”

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