The Depot provides real world experience to aspiring music students


The Julian Shipp Quartet perform during jazz night in The Depot at SF State Tuesday. April 26,2016. (Screenshot by Chris DeJohn/Xpress)

SF State is home to Jazz Night on Tuesday nights. Depot manager Lupita Uribe and Muata Kenyatta, ASI associate director of programs and services, reserve the stage at The Depot for student musicians to strut their stuff in front of an audience of their peers.

Known as The Julian Shipp Quartet, SF State piano major Julian Shipp, drummer Brady Bolden, saxophone major Will Berg and bassist Gabriel Case performed a number of jazz standards, and kept the tradition swinging at The Depot Tuesday, March 9.

“It’s not a whole lot of people come listen to music so … If one person goes home and asks, ‘oh what was the name of that tune, I like that last song,’ and they go home and they go home and listen to it again, then I’m happy man,” Julian Shipp said. “It’s nice to have people come out and hear jazz.”