When Beyonce makes you lemonade, you don’t drink it with your side chicks

The fairytale goes like this – you find your price charming, you fall in love, get married and live happily every after as the king and queen of hip hop and R&B. But what happens when an unwanted third party steps into the picture?

It’s not about who the side chick is, it’s about disrespect and dishonestly between the two people in a relationship. Someone who will commit adultery behind their significant other’s back is not to be forgiven.

In Beyonce’s newest visual album released Sunday, “Lemonade,” there are themes of infidelity and unfaithfulness, rumored to be about her husband Jay Z. The two have been married since 2008 and dating since 2002. They have one daughter, Blue Ivy. Gossip of Jay Z’s infidelity began much earlier in their relationship.

Going through my junior and high school years, I was always the “boyfriend girl,” the girl who was always with a beau in arm. I found myself putting up with many stupid boys who had taken me for granted and of course at there has been more than one time being a victim of cheating.

As I grew older and as more boys came in and out of my life, I finally realized it was better to be alone than to feel like I wasn’t good enough for him. The stress and jealously could be detrimental to a positive mental health and a healthy, trustworthy relationship between the two partners.

“Are you cheating on me?” Beyoncé asks during an interlude in “Lemonade.” It’s safe to say that the jaws of all viewers were on the floor as the first half of the film and audio streamed. I’m proud of her for standing up to the man who disrespected her and made her feel any less than the Queen.

According to the Relationships in America survey done by the Austin Institute in 2014, 37 percent of surveyors admitted that infidelity, both in their own and their spouses extramarital relationships, were the reason for their divorce. Those who cannot handle being in a monogamous marriage, shouldn’t be.

Beyonce is playing with fire for taking back Jay Z and working on their marriage, which she portrays at the end of the album in the song ‘”All Night.”

Beyonce sings, “Oh nothing real can be threatened / True love breathes salvation back into me / With every tear came redemption / And my torturer became a remedy.” The video shows the good times between Bey, Jay Z and Blue Ivy. She nearly contradicts the first half of her production.

Beyonce seems to be inspired the strength from the mothers and fathers that came before her, that worked to strengthen their relationships. Cheating is cheating. Period. Beyonce should stand as the Queen that she is along side her princess, to stop the cycle of infidelity and show her strength as an independent woman. After all she is Beyonce.