Sex work doesn’t devalue people

My family’s 2006 calendar hung in the kitchen next to the fridge. It was a NASCAR calendar, the same one we get every year. The days were marked with special events for church, birthdays and the first day of school. In the middle of all that was August 16 and a large note that read “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding.” To my father’s dismay, I consistently wrote their wedding date along with a lot of other irrelevant pop culture dates on that calendar.

I never saw anything wrong with it. If he was allowed to write in when the next stock car race was, why couldn’t I write the date of the biggest wedding of the year? Pop culture was my sport of choice. I have always been into pop culture and reality television. E! News was my Sports Center and the Oscars were my Super Bowl. I live for drama in Hollywood and always have.

With my natural affection for disastrous pop culture events, it’s no surprise Blac Chyna is the literal light of my life and my Queen of 2016. Until recently, Chyna was only famous for being a stripper and being the mother of Tyga’s child. She was only known because of her famous friends.

Chyna’s celebrity recently surged because of her engagement to and pregnancy with the youngest Kardashian sibling and professional recluse, Rob Kardashian Jr. She’s also been making headlines by releasing products that are blatant knock-offs of some of the products the Kardashians are most known for. Her obvious mission to monetize her new Kardashian fame is my favorite event of 2016.

So naturally, whenever I’m gagging and gasping for breath as Chyna slays the K-brand, I tag and text my gossip-loving friends in hopes that they will gag with me. To my surprise, one of my best gal-pals refused to gag with me when I told her about Chyna’s newly iconic, off-brand ChyMoji app. She dismissed Chyna and thought the entire situation was too trashy because Chyna is a former stripper. She wouldn’t even acknowledge Chyna’s existence because of her old job.

Whether someone was once or is currently involved in sex work does not automatically make them a lesser person. The amount of clothing you have on doesn’t speak to your character. Chyna could be walking around Hollywood Boulevard completely naked with only a green wig and it should be OK.

My friend also pointed out that Chyna was “trash” because of her alleged sex tape with Tyga, the father of her child and current lover of Rob Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner. This is what astounds me the most. Chyna is being shamed for being involved in a personal home video that was leaked without her permission. And even if she did leak it herself, why do you care? Let her live. Let her release 200 sex tapes. It’s her prerogative.

If you’re going to hate Chyna, hate her because she could possibly only be dating Rob because he’s vulnerable. Hate her because she’s probably just using Rob so she can get rich and famous off the Kardashian name. Find a legitimate reason to hate her that doesn’t involve her past work as a dancer.

I only wake up in the morning to look up what tomfoolery Chyna has gotten herself into. Is she going to knock-off Kylie’s lip kits today? Is she going to knock-off Kim’s emoji app today? Is she going to trademark the Kardashian name today? It’s a hilarious story. It shouldn’t matter that she used to take her clothes off for a living. She’s a person just like you and me. Her occupation doesn’t define her.