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If Donald Trump were president of our university, he would be fired

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Imagine if we had a president at our University who would not allow undocumented students to receive an education, made birth control difficult to get and who spoke disrespectfully about women, people with disabilities and people of color. If the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was president of SF State, he would be fired.

If he’s not fit to be president of a public university, then Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.

At this point of the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s chances of winning seem pretty slim.  Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, is forecasted to have an 86 percent chance of winning, according to’s 2016 election forecast.  

Even though it doesn’t seem likely Trump that will be able to pull ahead and win, I still can’t help but feel irked and deeply disturbed that such a person got this far in the race to hold the highest elected office.

The comments he has made about women, such as boasting to Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush about being able to “grab them by the pussy” and his childish behavior of interrupting during the presidential debates with mudslinging and calling Clinton “a nasty women,” while refusing to accept a loss if Clinton does win, are all testaments to what this man’s persona is truly like.

There are so many other instances that show the wickedness and deceit of his mindset and behavior. He most recently exclaimed that the now 11 women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior and misconduct are coming forth with “lies” just for fame and that he would “sue sexual misconduct accusers,” according to CNN politics.

And the list of disrespectful and degrading comments he has made towards women can go on and on. In fact, a lengthy article by the Telegraph, “Donald Trump Sexism Tracker,” cites all of the crude comments  Trump has made since the 1990s.

If Trump brought his sexist facade and ludicrous personality to SF State as the president of the University, there is no doubt he would be fired for several reasons.

First off, Trump has said he would create a “deportation task force” for undocumented immigrants that would be “focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal aliens in America,” according to Trump’s speech, which is cited in a CNN article.

If Trump were to execute this policy at SF State, then he could violate AB 540 Rights from the California Dream Act, which states that “regardless of immigration status, students can apply for admission to a public college or university in California. The law allows students the following rights… public colleges and universities in California cannot discriminate in admission based on a student’s immigration status, students are not required to show an ID or social security card for admission and students are not required to show proof of legal U.S. residency in the review of an application.”

Another fireable offense that Trump could commit if he was the president of SF State would be violation of Title IX, which prohibits sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and stalking. According to the Title IX site, sexual harassment can include “unwelcome verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that includes… sexual advances, requests for sexual favors,”  Sexual misconduct is defined under Title IX as “unwelcome kissing, touching of intimate body parts, fondling, intercourse, penetration of any body part and oral sex.”

Trump has allegedly kissed a former Miss USA contestant twice without her consent when the contestant was just 21 years old, groped the breasts of a woman sitting next to him on a plane in 1986, kissed a receptionist at his own Trump tower against her will and sexually assaulted a People magazine writer in 2005, according to NY magazine and the New York Times.  

SF State’s Title IX’s “primary concern,” as described by the Title IX information page , “is the safety of its campus community members.”

Trump would certainly be violating the primary concern of Title IX and could be fired as a result, since Title IX stipulates that “Individuals alleged to have committed sexual assault may face criminal prosecution by law enforcement and may incur penalties as a result of civil litigation. In addition, SF State employees may face sanctions up to and including dismissal from employment.”

If Trump is unfit to be president of a university, then how on earth is he fit to be the president of the United States? The short answer is, Trump is unfit to lead any public institution.

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  • J

    John BrotherNov 12, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Kids, kids, kids! I have indeed failed you for your lack of critical thinking! You only see the veil, and not what is behind it. You only see the symptom – and have ignored the cause. Haven’t you figured it out yet? The Australian One. The Australian One. You emote, you wring, you impale yourself with regret – when you should have seen it all along. Two decades. You ignored it with bliss and annoyance. Repetition, persistence, patience. Repetition, persistence, patience. The weak mind never knows and the strong mind ignores. They are both weak indeed, and they deserve their just rewards. The water drips, the mountain crumbles. Adages from the ancients – they still hold true. The Australian One. The Australian One. Obvious power is no power at all. Hidden power is the all. Power behind the power is the all. And the key to that Power is to muddle the mind with emotion. Truth is not needed. Lies are not needed. Innuendo is King. Repetition, persistence, patience. How much more do you need to know? You are all his pawns. The Australian One. The Australian Won.

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If Donald Trump were president of our university, he would be fired