Gators use spring break to train

For many students at SF State spring break is a time to head back home or go on vacation. However for Gator athletes, spring break means added time for their craft.

According to the Next College Student Athlete website, spring break can be a critical time for athletes looking to play at the college level and the time off should be used wisely.

For SF State baseball second baseman Zac Neumann, foregoing time off was not a sacrifice.

“Baseball is what I love to do so it was enough for me,” Neumann said. “I have my whole life to go on vacations to Mexico or Europe, but I only have now to be a collegiate athlete.”

Gators’ baseball continued to practice over break and traveled to San Marcos to compete in a three-game series. Neumann said the grind for student-athletes doesn’t stop even for spring break.

“We still have a lot of responsibilities to worry about like taking care of our bodies, practices and games, and we didn’t have the luxury of sleeping in,” Neumann said. “We were usually up and at the field by 8 or 9 (a.m.) getting ready for the day.”

Track and field athlete Allie Arsiniega continued to train for her season, and was able to put all of her focus into preparing herself for her race without the added work of school.

“This spring break was all about running because I didn’t have school to worry about,” Arsiniega said. “We had a race, which was where my focus was.”

Both Neumann and Arsiniega agreed that the biggest difference between students and student-athletes is what each person does with their time during the week-long vacation.

“I used this spring break as an opportunity to focus on my sleep, diet and workout, rather than catching up on my social life, which most regular students focus on,” said Arsiniega.

Neumann said despite being on break, spring athletes still need to continue working in order to stay on top of their game.

“I think the biggest difference between students and student-athletes is that students get to relax and forget about a lot of their responsibilities,” Neumann said. “Student athletes are still in the thick of their grind.”