SF State offers students free Giants tickets


Illustration provided by Roxanne Hernandez

SF State’s Residential Housing Association is giving away 145 tickets to next week’s San Francisco Giants game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. SF State students will have the opportunity to attend the Giants third annual San Francisco State University Night at AT&T Park on Wednesday, April 12 at 7 p.m.

The giveaway will include a shuttle ride, with limited spaces, that will take students to and from campus.

“I didn’t know they would give out so many tickets,” Rosie Earnshaw, a residential housing association board member said. “I think it’s great that students have the opportunity to go to a Giants game for free, they’re so much fun even if you’re not a baseball fan.”

The Giants have college-specific nights like these for several universities around the Bay Area, like Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley.  

“We have been having college nights for a while now, for example last year we gave out custom baseball hats to each school that participated,” Noah Chasnoff, member of the San Francisco Giants ticket office, said. “This year we will be giving out custom t-shirts.”

During the previous season, on SF State night, the Giants organization gave purple and gold hats with the Giants logo stitched on front, to the participating students. This year they will give out t-shirts with the Gators logo on them.

Students still have a chance to sign up for the ticket lottery, which will be on a first-come first-serve basis. If chosen, students will need to confirm their attendance by email.

Not only will the Giants have a special night for SF State students, but the Giants will be donating part of the ticket revenue to SF State affiliated non-profit organizations as they have done in previous years.

“I love baseball and I’m super excited even though I am a Seattle Mariners fan,” Greg Shimizu, 25, accounting major, said. “I hope I get a ticket because this would be the first time visiting  AT&T Park.”

The residential housing association will begin notifying students chosen to attend the game on Friday, about ticket and transportation via email.

Those who do not win free tickets are still encouraged to attend the game. Tickets are available to purchase on the Giants website, starting as low as $16.