Men’s soccer team wins first home game with shutout

The SF State University men’s soccer team defeated the Dominican University of California’s team today, scoring two goals in the first half and making the final score 2-0.

In the first SF State home game of the season, Dominican started with possession of the ball. The Gators were being pressured by the offense right away.

“We started out trying to play our game,” said Goalkeeper Kyle Harmina. “They came at us flying and we had to adjust to that. We couldn’t keep possession that easily.”

Within the first 10 minutes, forward Richard Leon was tackled in the goal box and put the Gators up 1-0 from a penalty shot.

Knowing they would not be able to manage the ball as much as Dominican, SF State had to think smart.

“We were trying to make them run around. We weren’t tired,” said right back and right wing Sam Gebremiche without a heavy breath. “We were trying to play calm and let them do the running while we just kept it on the ground and pass(ed) it.”

Their strategy did not fail them. Gebremiche saw the opening when the opponents’ goalkeeper strayed too far ahead of the box. He pressured the leading defender until he dropped and missed kicking the ball. At that point, Gebremiche easily kicked the ball in his possession and tapped it into the goal, making the score at the end of the first half 2-0.

A rest during halftime did SF State a favor once they got their heads together and handled the ball even more as a team.

“We practice pressing in the first 10 seconds that we lose the ball,” Leon said.

Though their possession time was less than Dominican’s, the Gators’ defense pressed as hard as they could with Harmina making some incredible diving saves with his fast hands.

“We saw their highline of pressure,” said Harmina. “It got kind of scrappy at the end, but we had to stick it out and get the win.”

The half ended scoreless, but nevertheless exciting. The final score was 2-0 with purple and gold reigning.

After today’s game, the SF State’s men’s soccer team remain undefeated with three wins and zero losses.

SF State’s next match is against Holy Names University scheduled for Friday, September 8. Their next home game will not be held until a little after three weeks on Friday, September 29, when they face California State University, East Bay.