Staying social on campus


Oscar Rendon

Ryan Webb, 22 (right), Chantel Heard, 22, and Marissa Suttles, 21, dance at the Malcolm X Plaza at on the first day of class Monday, August 27, 2018. (Oscar Rendon/Golden Gate Xpress)

College is a place that is filled with new opportunities and experiences. It is the place where you can meet new people, try new foods and create new memories. But how can you maintain a social life through classes, homework and tests? Our focus while in college is to pass our classes and do our homework, but one crucial thing that many forget about is maintaining a social life. It is important for us as students to find a good balance between school and friends.

The key to having memorable social experiences in college is to be comfortable meeting new people. SF State is a diverse campus where the opportunities to get to know interesting people are endless.

This campus population is full of great teachers for building good social skills while in college. Our campus has numerous activities and clubs you can join.

Especially for incoming freshmen, groups and clubs are a great way to create new memories and make new friends. Whatever your likes and interests may be, there is a club for you.

There are numerous cultural events, spirit days, workshops and tabling that occur in the main quad to bring a variety of people together. Since San Francisco is such a thriving and lively city, the number of things to do here is endless. You will never run out of things to do in the Bay Area, from beaches to sports coliseums. Of course San Francisco Giants games are always a go-to and easy place to bring friends. Even though cities can seem busy, you can bond with new friends by hiking on Mount Tamalpais, which lies near the Golden Gate Bridge, or by experiencing the ruins at the Sutro Baths and Lands End. The experiences here are always growing and changing along with the diverse student life on campus.

Sports and recreational activities can be a great way to not be cooped up in your dorm or apartment. The new Mashouf Wellness Center offers a variety of things such as a gym, rock climbing and an olympic size swimming pool. It is a huge facility that gives you the opportunity to take classes and meet new people daily. Our athletic department offers sports such as basketball, baseball, cross-country and so much more. Joining a sports team can create lifelong friendships for you to treasure when your journey at San Francisco State ends.

Greek life is also a great option for new and returning students. The beginning of the semester always brings time for organizations to table and encourage people to rush. Greek life gives students the opportunity to meet people from not only California, but various other states as well. Some may not agree that social experiences are important. Numerous posts from explain why social life can be hard to balance for first time and returning students.

For example, students say it takes skill to balance an academic and social life. Just remember it is OK to spend your time socializing as long as you create a good balance between college and your social life.