Women’s Volleyball Address Defensive Issues At D2 West Region Volleyball Showcase

The San Francisco State Volleyball team has now lost two games in a row after being swept 3-0 by the University of Hawaii Hilo at the D2 West Region Volleyball Showcase on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Sophomore Drew Morris, led the Gators with 12 kills out of 30 total attempts for a hitting percentage of .333.

“We just need to change our mindset because we know that we’re a good team and that we can play better than that,.” said Morris said.

Olivia Tabron (11 ) and Bailey Johnson (14) linked up for two block assists against Hilo.

The first set was tied up and went back and forth, from 12-12 to 17-17.

Hilo took the lead and a timeout was called after Gator Jessica Haynie (9) was blocked by Hilo’s Bria Beale and Alexandria Parisian.

The Gators fell in the first set 18-25 against Hilo.

The second set was a close shootout between the SF State and Hilo.

Morris and Johnson blocked Hilo’s Kiley Davis to tie the game at 12-12.

Tabron smashed the ball angled into Hilo’s back court to tie the game at 16-16 followed by a Bailey and Johnson to put San Francisco up 19-17.

After three unanswered points in the second set, SF State Head Coach Matt Hoffman called a timeout after Hilo took the lead at 20-21.

Hilo took set two 21-25 after an ace serve to San Francisco.

After a brief intermission between sets, San Francisco’s Marlena Billings smashed into Hilo’s defensive specialist Mina Grant to put San Francisco up 2-1.

SF State head coach Matt Hoffman called a timeout after trailing Hilo 5-10 in the third set.

San Francisco struggled to produce offensive kills.

“A lot of the stuff where we’re giving up points has to do with inconsistent play on our side of the net; particularly on our first contacts,” said Hoffman. “We just need to be more precise in passing and digging.”

Hilo’s defense read San Francisco’s tipping, but struggled when San Francisco’s offense was producing.

“We let the pace of the game and their good defensive effort dictate how our emotions were and how we were responding and the things that we do real well,” said Hoffman.

Morris and Billings teamed up for a block assist against Hilo’s Teisa Tuioti to trail Hilo 11-15.

Hilo called a timeout when San Francisco narrowed Hilo’s lead to 14-16.

A pair of double contact calls were called on Hilo’s setter, Powell Maile.

SF State’s Sophie Anderson smashed the ball into Hilo’s defense tying the game 19-19.

Hilo’s Beale, smashed the ball into Tabron and Billings followed by a pair of SF State attacking errors put Hilo up 23-22.

Tabron tipped the ball over Hilo’s defense and tied the game at 23-23.

A SF State free ball went over the net and Hilo smashed it right back into SF State’s back court for a Hilo victory of 23-25.

“We’re not really changing our plan or approach, we just need to be better out there on the court,” said Hoffman.

SF State played the Academy of Art University to close out the D2 West Region Volleyball Showcase.

SF State beat Academy of Art University in a 3-0 sweep improving their record to 5-2.