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Prop C Opposition Part of a Greater Issue In American Politics


Proposition C is a San Francisco ballot measure in the upcoming Nov. 6 election, proposed by Our City Our Home, aimed at providing services for the homeless through new housing, medical services and clean public restrooms. San Francisco’s homeless population sits at 7,499, according to the San Francisco Homeless Count Survey.

The United Nations released a report in September calling San Francisco and Oakland’s treatment of the homeless inhumane. It stated the cities attempted to “discourage residents from remaining in informal settlements or encampments by denying access to water, sanitation and health services and other basic necessities.”

In a city where a luxury home can sell for $45 million and the median salary of a Facebook employee is $240,430, according to an article by Curbed, housing the homeless and providing them with basic necessities should be widely supported.

This proposition could potentially reduce the amount of homeless people on the street. It aspires for decent measures that all SF residents should vote for, despite what some seemingly progressive politicians and influencers say about it.

Opponents of Proposition C have exhibited “fake woke” behavior. Some of these opponents include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Sen. Scott Weiner (D) and Lyft, which donated $100,000 to the opposition.

Dorsey stated in a Twitter storm that he did not support Proposition C. “We’re happy to pay our taxes. We just want to be treated fairly with respect to our peer companies, many of whom are 2-10x larger than us,” Dorsey tweeted. “Otherwise we don’t know how to practically grow in the city.”

This is a trend in American politics where rich influencers and organizations appear to support progressive agendas, but their actions behind the scenes tell a different story.

Tesla Motors and Space X CEO Elon Musk donated $33,900 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and $5,000 to Majority Committee PAC (R). Musk’s Tesla Motors and Space X are often the center of conversation for moving the world forward with technology.

Another member among these elite donors is Nike founder Phil Knight, who donated $214,500 to a number of Republican candidates across the country. Some recipients from Knight’s donations are running in states like Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida. Among Knight’s contributions are $76,700 to the Republican Congressional Committee and $89,200 to the Republican Senatorial Committee.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also donated $10,129,170 to the With Honor Fund. The With Honor Fund donates to several candidates on both sides of the aisle. These include donations to Tim Cane (OH-R), Kevin Roberts (TX-R) and many others.

It is not bad to be a conservative or Republican, but as of right now, there is a growing need to oppose the Republican Party and Trump’s administration.

When Musk and other high-profile figures donate to the Republican congressional and senatorial committees or any other Republican-leaning PACs, they are accomplices to the Trump administration.

According to the New York Times, there are 12,800 immigrant children being held in detention centers in Texas. In another report by the New York Times, the Trump Administration lost track of 1,500 of them.

NPR reports that Ohio and Georgia enacted a “use it or lose it law” which purges a voter’s registration if a person has not voted in two consecutive election cycles.These states are mostly Republican-leaning and have Republican leadership.

Trump also continuously attacks the press, using them as a scapegoat. Recently, Trump blamed the media for pipe bomb packages sent to high-profile political figures who are critics of the administration.

These are  attacks on our democracy and the voting process. There are countries around the world whose citizens don’t have the right to vote. The United States is getting dangerously close with the attacks on the the right to vote, right to free speech.

Do not sit out on this voting cycle. Get out and vote, support the local homeless population, then ditch your Nikes and Teslas.


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Prop C Opposition Part of a Greater Issue In American Politics