Out with the old, in with the new, Klaus is here

I’m a huge sucker for classic animated holiday films. Growing up, I would watch ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas where they showed one each night. My Mom loved Charlie Brown cartoons so our holidays revolved around Snoopy and Charlie Brown ornaments and home-baked cookies. 

I wasn’t really up to watch another new holiday film that tried to remake or top the originals. 

The thought of replacing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas” was out of the question because it felt as if I would be cheating on my childhood traditions. 

But when I saw the advertisement for “Klaus” everywhere  with surprisingly good reviews, it compelled me to give it a chance. 

It is no secret that holiday films have one thing in common: a warm, happy ending that makes you smile. “Klaus” indeed has that. 

“Despicable Me” director Sergio Pablos brings the unexpected storyline of “Klaus” to life through the colorful and unique hand drawn animations that take place in a time before Christmas was an actual celebration and help it become the holiday it is today. 

The moral of “Klaus” is this: one act of kindness can spark another, creating a domino effect that leads everyone to follow the motto of killing it with kindness. This moral nailed the holiday tradition of giving.

Jason Schwartzman provides the friendly voice of the main character, Jesper, and invites the viewer to want to keep watching his journey on his Christmas mission.  

J.K Simmons and Joan Cusack provide expressive and bold voices for residents of f a miserable and violent town who have held a grudge for centuries. Schwartzman’s Jesper character aims to turn the town into a caring and friendly place. 

According to IMDb.com, “J.K. Simmons gives voice to a new Christmas classic.” The public left an average rate of 8.4 stars out of 10. 

Director Sergio Pablos who also directed “Despicable Me” brings the unexpected storyline to life through

On rottentomatoes.com, the audience score is 98% with the critics consensus stating, “Beautiful hand-drawn animation and a humorous, heartwarming narrative make ‘Klaus’ an instant candidate for holiday classic status.”

Compared to A Charlie Brown Christmas on rottentomatoes.com, a 94% with 8.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb.com. It is a close tie for critics but Charlie Brown will forever hold a special place in my heart even if new family holiday movies like “Klaus” hit home.