Astrology: the Old-New Tool for Society

Astrology has been a useful technique to explore the inner cosmic world of each individual and it has helped many navigate the world around them. With this useful tool, it can give people a better understanding of others around them and help cultivate better relationships. 

SFSU offers The Occult Student Alliance (OSA), where students and professors can come talk about the mystic spirituality that is not usually brought up in our culture, like astrology though it is now on the rise. 

“We hope to provide a space for people wanting to learn, people wanting to practice, and for people who long for a spiritual community,” says Treasurer of OSA Sunny Hibbits. 

Astrology gives us the answers to why we react “that way” when we’re upset, why some people love being the center of attention, why your one friend is so secretive, why certain themes repeatedly enter your life, and so much more. 

“Astrology can be a good tool for people because an individual can have a personal relationship with the whole universe. We are on a tiny planet surrounded by billions of light-years of space! By taking in astrology you acknowledge all of the space around you with its’ interrelation to yourself. You acknowledge how solar flares, planetary positions, and light waves affect you as a being. Through astrology, we create ways to talk about the entire universes cosmic influences on us as individuals,” said Hibbits.  

Each person is made up of a birth chart, which in astrological translation is your cosmic DNA, a snapshot of what the sky looked like the moment you were born. Many like to believe that everything is set in stone but we all have free will, that can deter one from their birth chart path. 

“Through astrology, we can explore the multifaceted nature of our existence, our unique personalities, and those around us. It enables us to find forgiveness for our frustrating attributes and difficult circumstances. And kindness for self fuels compassion for others” said Aliza Kelly professional astrologer in an interview for Self magazine.

Many people practice and only know of sun sign astrology which is not the only way form of it. There are so many layers to a person how can one sign be used to describe a whole individual? 

“Generally, astrology is misunderstood because horoscopes can be such large generalization for such diverse people all across the world. This is very common because most astrology websites or apps just talk about your Sun sign, which is not all your astrology! People are very diverse, as is each person‘s natal birth chart,” said Hibbits. 

Many people like to question the legitimacy of astrology, but those who use this as a tool to recognize that its purpose is not to “convert” people to believe because astrology is not a religion. It is simply interpretations of the planets, stars, and asteroids. 

Astrology can show us the things that we keep hidden and do not outwardly show. This can tell us patterns that lie in people. Not everyone will understand other peoples’ patterns but with astrology, we can at least begin to put ourselves in their shoes.