The Happy Hour Podcast Episode 1: PINK PENGUIN POOP

shaylyn martos, Malakai Wade, and Smit Parekh


The Happy Hour: EP 1

Welcome to The Happy Hour: A palate cleansing podcast! For Episode 1 hosts Malakai Wade (@malakaiwade) and shaylyn martos (@shaylynmartos) share only the happiest and best news stories for the past two weeks.

Join us this week as we talk about how NASA tracks the smallest penguins in Antarctica, the brand new Trick Dog menu and magic mushrooms, as well as bringing our wonderful guest, Golden Gate Xpress reporter Smit Parekh, to talk about genderbending fashion at awards shows!

Happy stories this week:

  1. Trick Dog unveils their new semi-annual menu, Trick Dog University (link)
  2. Pink penguin poop from space! (link)
  3. Santa Cruz decriminalizes magic mushrooms (link)
  4. An ode to San Francisco’s most overlooked landmark, the Hunter’s Point Crane (link)
  5. This app will give you the “Nudge” to get outdoors (link)
  6. Native ko’ko’ birds are back in force on Guam, where shaylyn’s family is from! (link)
  7. Genderbending fashion with guest reporter Smit Parekh (link)
  8. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House is now online (link)
  9. Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye turns 50 (link)
  10. Last call! What’s making us happy this week?