Photo of the Day: Positive messages through art on Castro St.

Emily Curiel

What is usually a busy, up roaring and crowded street is now a face mask covered road. Recently, Castro Theater boarded up its antique ticket booth to prevent any type of vandalism from occurring during the shelter-in-place order. A local artist who goes by the name of Mace, who was born and raised in San Francisco and currently living in the Richmond district, is now drawing a positive cartoon on the plywood to prevent any graffiti from happening.

“I was hired by Castro Theater. They gave me a call through Mission Art 4-1-5 and Lisa Brewer, who is a curator for a lot of the artists in San Francisco, reached out to me and asked if I wanted the gig,” Mace said.

Mace was compensated for the job by one of the owners of Castro Theater. The way he came up with the idea of the drawing was while he was on the phone speaking to one of the owners.

“Literally when I was talking to him on the phone it just popped in my head. It’s one of those things where God just speaks to you. It just happens. I thought of a rainbow umbrella, of course for the neighborhood, and they’re being protected by the umbrella,” Mace said.

He added that the theater came up with the idea of using first responders and people who provide for the community as the main characters for the concept.

“I pray for them every day,” Mace said. “They are our protectors; my wife is one of them. I thought what better way, than an umbrella. We are all trying to be shielded and covered.”