Photo of the Day: Quarantine can be positive for family pets

Camille Cohen

Wendy Cohen stops to pet Nelson, her only son, on April 6, 2020 while on her daily after-work walk through La Cresta, California. (Camille Cohen / Golden Gate Xpress)

Wendy Cohen works full-time as a Psychologist. She’s now transitioned to seeing clients remotely via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing service.

After her work days, she’s been making an effort to take daily walks around the family’s property and nearby hiking trails. She wants to practice what she preaches to clients on the benefits of exercise for mental health. On her walks, she enjoys spending time with her animals.

“This is the best time of their life” said Wendy, about the family dog, Sage, and horses, Nelson and Missy.

“We usually are too busy to give them this much love but now the whole family is around all the time!”