Hella Funny Hosts F*ck Valentine’s Day Night


Jazzmene Lizardo

Comedian Allison takes the stage first to recite her comedic act. February 15, 2020

Jazzmene Lizardo

The chit chat in the 21 and up venue became faint whispers and lights began to fade as the first comedian of the night walked onto stage to begin the show.

Hashtag Hella Funny, a San Francisco comedy group, hosted a “F*ck Valentine’s Day” show Friday and Saturday night on Valentine’s Day weekend at the Neck of the Woods, located in the Richmond District. The free weekend long comedy show was open to couples and single people to enjoy a night of comedians bashing Valentine’s Day.

Filling the crowd with laughter the presenter Dirty Mike, a Detroit native, was the moderator of the show calling out each comedian and even presenting his own stand-up throughout the night. Several members of the group were able to take some time to recite their jokes on the holiday of love.

After attending the Friday night show with her close friends, Samantha Wong, an SF State student chose to continue the laughter Saturday night.

“My friends and I decided to go for round two here, because Friday night was so funny to us,” said Wong. “And we’re all single on this Valentine’s Day weekend, so why not do something that fits with the anti-Valentine’s Day theme.”

Bay Area Native and comedian Allison Hooker was the opening act of the night, kicking it off for other comedians in line. Hooker, who is freshly single, spoke about her relationship that lasted for four years, and how she is coping with it now through her act. She made jokes about her ex-boyfriend and code named him Young Muscles referring to how he was younger than her, including that they broke up due to him wanting to pursue his music dreams in Los Angeles.

Women in the audience could relate to her stand up such as Southern Californian native Marissa Turry, who was attending the show with her friends for their Galentine’s Day weekend. Turry and a few friends decided to drive from SoCal up to San Francisco for the weekend. “I think for me, I related to the first performer because I have experienced dating a younger guy, but instead it was me who wanted to pursue my dreams instead,” said Turry.

After Allison Hooker, two other opening acts went on stage to continue sharing about their ex-lovers, by hounding on relationships that have failed them in the past, or their sex lives that have become non-existent. Many of the audience, who came in groups of friends would burst into laughter at many of the single people jokes that were said, specifically about “one-night stands,” and horrible first dates.

“Almost everything that was joked about tonight also related to me because I have been single for a while now,” said Turry. “And I understand the whole bad first date jokes because I am still experiencing that”.

Right before the main act appeared, a surprise performer and comedian Terry Dorsey, who has been featured on channels such as Comedy Central and BET Comicview,  made the whole venue roar in uncontrollable laughter. He talked about his time spent overseas and how his new relationship with a Vietnamese woman has been going.

Audience member Jade Tagle, said she laughed the most to Dorsey’s jokes since she is an Asian woman in a relationship and could understand where his jokes were coming from. “Me being Asian and also in a biracial relationship, Terry was probably the funniest comedian to me tonight, because he hit so many points to my love life,” said Terry.

As for the final and main act, Comedy Central’s Paco Romane, was the last to hit the stage and talk about his new relationship with his girlfriend Greta. He closed down the house leaving people laughing until their core started to hurt.

Couples and singles left down the stairs with smiles on their faces while leaving the venue to celebrate the rest of the love weekend.