The Foodies club offers hands-on cooking to students

Cindy Waters
Kimberly Sae-Ung, co-founder of the SF State Foodies Club, tries a Thai dessert at Off the Grid on Friday at the first Foodies social event of the school year. Photo by Cindy Waters.

Socials in the city, trips to different eateries, workshops and tours all revolving around food: What more can a student ask for?

One of this year’s recent club on campus, The Foodies, offers food-tastic activities that range from baking classes to nutrition education according to Kimberly Sae-Ung, co-founder of the group.

The club formed as a response to the lack of organizations on campus that focus specifically on the restaurant industry. The Foodies wanted to see something different brought to the table.

“The first time we had the idea was early last semester in February, when other hospitality clubs were accepting members,” Sae-Ung said. “Josephine (the second founding member) and I felt that they lacked in the restaurant industry.”

The Foodies hopes to offer hands-on events such as cooking competitions like the Food Network series “Chopped,” according to Sae-Ung.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea for a club,” said SF State junior Josiah Flores. “San Francisco contains people who love food immensely, so I could see this being successful.”

Using Facebook and Tumblr to recruit members, the group also use the sites to regularly post recipes. That way, members can try new meals when they are not meeting.

“It seems like a great way to meet people,” said SF State junior Gabby Battista. “Everyone loves food. It would be cool to learn gourmet recipes or even just how to make good cheeseburger and fries.”

Senior Mariel Ayao keeps track of the new members, list of calendar events and important dates.

“Right now we’re looking at monthly meetings,” Ayao said. “But there will be socials and workshops happening all the time.”

Earlier this semester the group members planned cooking classes on red velvet cupcakes, cake-pops and a pie making class right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

A membership fee, which ranges from $15 per semester or $20 for a year, is required to join The Foodies.

“We do fees so we can fund workshops and buy the supplies,” Sae-Ung said. “Members will get priority for workshops and tours, all of which will be free for them.”

Those who do not want to become a member but would like to attend a workshop with The Foodies may do so for a few dollars, according to Sae-Ung.

As of now Foodies have finished up for the semester but plan to start up workshops again in the spring.