San Francisco remains unwavering in its liberal politics

As the 2020 presidential election begins to welcome the final result, President Donald Trump and Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden held the final stage of the debate on Oct. 22.

All data shows that California has voted for the Democratic candidates since 1992. The results produced on Election Day will show California’s final choice.

Trump and Biden brought some plan and explanation for the next four years to the American people. Supporters of Trump and Biden in San Francisco expressed their feelings after watching the debate.

Tom Eric is an aircraft inspector for United Airlines, and he is a Trump supporter. Eric said that he watched the debate, and it will not affect his choice.

“I think Donald Trump is the best president we ever had, and I will continue to vote for him,” Eric said.” He lowers my tax, but democratic wants increases my tax. I am also concerned about immigration, jobs, and the economy. I think Trump has proven that he is a great economist in the past few years.”

Eric also stated that he cannot stand Democratic Party, because according to him, they often try to wage war and send American citizens to dangerous war zones around the world. Eric believes that the Democrats are evil, and Trump is just to make money to rebuild the nation.

On the other hand, Jannie Miller is a college student majoring in finance at SF State. Miller said that she and her family have always supported the Democratic Party, and this time is no exception.

“I care about the healthcare issue. I know Trump wants to modify Obamacare, and Biden also wants to modify it,” Miller said. “I think Biden’s plan is better because it provides people with more options and is also beneficial to low-income people. Trump’s health care policy only benefits the middle and upper classes. I don’t support Trump because his Republican value, also his character and image are really not suitable for a president.”

Alan Wong is an American Asian who is running for college board now. Wong is a Biden supporter and said he hates Trump due to his discriminatory speech.

Wong said: “Yes, I watched the debate last night. I hated it when Trump mentioned China, and he continues to discredit China in American society. Because of his mismanagement that led to the epidemic’s development to such a bad stage, he did not reflect on himself but instead blamed China and shirk his responsibilities. I don’t want to hear the term ‘China virus’:

Wong also said that his father was called by the Chinese Communist Party when he runs for the college board. He received many pictures said “fuck China” on his campaign, and some of his Asian friends were beaten somehow.

Wong said: “ What he has done already has cost a lot of hate in this country. Getting rid of Trump is what I care the most. I don’t care which party’s policy is best, I only wanna say getting rid of Trump.”