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Black women will not be intimidated

Breanna Reeves

April 5, 2017

On March 28, Democratic Representative Maxine Waters had to defend herself (again) to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly after he mocked her hair in response to Waters criticizing President Trump. “I didn’t hear a word she said, I was l...

Conflicting death penalty ballot measures to appear in upcoming election

Breanna Reeves

November 2, 2016

With the presidential election quickly approaching, California voters will weigh in on a total of 17 propositions, including Proposition 62 which will suspend the death penalty if passed. Prop. 62 is a death penalty statute that see...

Latino identity isn’t defined by skin color

Breanna Reeves

October 5, 2016

I’ve always been the Black girl with a mom who speaks Spanish. Growing up, I gave little thought to the fact that my mom spoke to my siblings and I in English and to my aunts and uncles in Spanish. It wasn’t until middle sc...

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