SF State students march against Trump on Market Street


Students pose for a picture in Malcolm X Plaza at SF State holding signs in protest of President Elect Donald Trump winning the presidency on Nov. 9, 2016 (Breanna Reeves/ Xpress).

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SF State students waved flags representing Mexico and LGBTQ+ and held signs with messages like “Dump Trump” as they gathered in Malcolm X Plaza on Wednesday. With plans to march in solidarity against President Elect Donald Trump and join protesters downtown, the crowd of about 50 students packed onto M train heading north.

“This morning I wore all black because I was in mourning, but I wore this flash of color because it’s a sign that we won’t be silenced,” said Victor Aguilar, history and education major. “I want our voices to be heard because this is fucked up, that Trump actually won.”

“The deeply troublesome rhetoric embodied in the campaign has unleashed a divisive energy that will be difficult to contain.We have an opportunity to act as a beacon in demonstrating how a community can come together to support one another,” President Leslie E. Wong said in a statement sent to students on Wednesday.

“Si se puede,” was one of many chants Aguilar and the large crowd of students chanted.

Encouraged by onlookers in cars, students chanted louder and cheered when cars honked in solidarity.

Our students have a long history of making their voices heard on issues they are passionate about,” said a University spokesperson. “The President supports their right to peacefully protest, and we hope that all of our students stay safe as they do so.”

James Amaya, Phi Delta Xi president and one of the organizers of the student protest, led students from Malcolm X Plaza to Powell street.

We are marching because Trump means racism, homophobia, and sexism is OKAY. And IM NO LONGER STAYING SILENT!!!!” Amaya posted to his Facebook page as students marched.

Students join protesters downtown on Powell and Market Street to protest President Elect Donald Trump on Nov. 9, 2016
[/media-credit] Students join protesters downtown on Powell and Market Street to protest President Elect Donald Trump on Nov. 9, 2016

SF State students flooded Powell station, chanting “Fuck Donald Trump,” while bystanders took photos and videos.

“I don’t stand for him,” said Corinne Ladner, a USF student. “I come from a family of Nicaraguan immigrants.”

SF State students and protesters gathered at Powell and Market Streets where they heard from several speakers, including San Francisco Supervisor David Campos.

“Trump says ‘go back’ we say ‘fight back!’” said Campos to the crowd.

The crowd marched along Market Street with plans to end in the Mission. Protesters kept to the right side of the street by a line of policemen on foot and motorcycles.

“I didn’t even know we were having a thing out here, but then I saw everyone organizing in Cesar Chavez and I was like ‘let’s get it,’” said Jordan Terau, environmental studies major. “I feel like (the protest) is going pretty good, but we need more than this. It can’t just be today. We have to keep on continuing to fight.”

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