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ASI to shift supervision in newly approved agreement

Daniel Rivera

December 8, 2014

Associated Students Inc. approved a new Memorandum of Understanding Dec. 3 that would maintain supervision of its executive director to the board of directors. The new MOU, an agreement made between the University and ASI,...

ASI merger results in appointment of new interim director

Daniel Rivera

November 19, 2014

A divided Associated Students Inc. board of directors confirmed Wednesday a letter of appointment for an interim executive director of the Enhanced Auxiliary, increasing administrative oversight of student government. The confirmation...

Propsed UC system tuition increase stirs controversy among students

Daniel Rivera

November 18, 2014

The University of California president’s proposal to increase tuition by 5 percent over the next five years, which is scheduled for a Nov. 19 vote, has drawn opposition from students and concern within the California State University...

Slight fee increase per semester may enhance student representation in government

Daniel Rivera

October 17, 2014

The California State Student Association seeks to push a yearly $4 fee for increased student representation in state affairs, which would take effect Fall 2015 if passed by the CSU Board of Trustees next month. The Student...

Third elected ASI official steps down since the start of the semester

Daniel Rivera

October 6, 2014

Another elected official of Associated Students Inc. Board of Directors cited personal reasons when she stepped down last week from her position as vice president of university affairs, marking the third resignation since the...

Oct. 1 is the last day for students to vote to approve the ASI/Student Center Merger

Daniel Rivera

October 1, 2014

Today is the last day that Associated Students Inc. (ASI) will hold elections for students to approve the merger between the student government and the Cesar Chavez Student Center (CCSC). While ASI and the Student Center Governing...

Second ASI official in the fall semester resigns for personal reasons

Daniel Rivera

September 30, 2014

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) vice president of finance resigned Sept. 17, the second resignation of a student government official since the beginning of the semester. Ramon Gonzalez, who was elected vice president of finance...

ASI reduces funding by $500 for second year student organizations

Daniel Rivera

September 16, 2014

Student organizations that apply for funds from Associated Students Inc. (ASI) this year for the second time will receive $500 less in funds to allocate resources for new student groups. As part of the 2014-2015 ASI Budget,...

Commute to campus comes at a higher cost for students after Muni and parking price increases

Daniel Rivera

September 1, 2014

The commute to SF State became more expensive today, with the price for a single ride on Muni increasing to $2.25. The surge in cost follows the introduction of a $1 increase on daily parking passes on campus July 1. “I don’t like...

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